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February 14 2022

Why Corporate First Aid Training is Important

West Coast First Aid are dependable primary responders in Australia and can help you with your corporate first aid training. For more details, visit.

February 07 2022

What You Need to Know About CPR Renewal

If you are looking for comprehensive first-aid training for your workplace, look no further than West Coast First Aid. First responders that provide CPR HLTAID001 and HLTAID009 training.

January 26 2022

What is included in a 3 hours CPR Certificate Course?

According to the American Heart Association, nearly 3,50,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital, and approximately 4,75,000 people have lost their lives from a cardiac arrest. When the cases occur outside of the hospital, and immediate help is needed, a person with CPR training can save lives. People in different professions like police officers, firefighters, […]

January 25 2022

How to Perform CPR on a Drowning Victim

With all these instructions, we hope you're now ready to provide CPR with HLTAID009 or HLTAID001. You should practice it as much as possible to be ready if the need arises. 

December 18 2021

5 Tips For Getting You And Your First Aid Kit Winter Ready

With the days getting shorter and nights longer, winters have finally arrived. Apart from preparing your homes for winters, you must prepare yourself and your first aid kit to make your life a bit easier.  As first aiders, you should consider what extra equipment you may require in the colder months. In addition, outdoor first […]

December 18 2021

How To Perform Adult CPR And Use an AED

With the increasing risk of heart diseases and respiratory illnesses in adults, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Adult CPR) and awareness about automated external defibrillators (AED) have become crucial life-saving skills that every individual should be trained in. Identify and seek emergency help A person’s health can unceasingly worsen when their heart stops beating. With those few minutes […]

December 06 2021

What is the QCPR Compression Reflector?

The white QCPR compression reflector placed inside the back section torso is part of the Sensor’s measurement system, used for Little Anne and Little Junior QCPR.Without this, the QCPR App will not register compressions. Learn more about the measurement system – How do Little Anne and Little Junior QCPR work? What is the difference between the […]

December 06 2021

How to install Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit?

There are currently two versions of the Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit available, one version with a “Compression reflector” part made of Foam and a version with a reflector part that is molded (hard plastic). This first video shows the “Little Anne QCPR Foam” part version:   This video shows the “Little Anne QCPR Plastic” […]

December 06 2021

What is Little Anne and Little Junior QCPR Upgrade kit?

Little Anne and Little Junior – QCPR upgrade kits Upgrade your old Little Anne and Little Junior to function with the QCPR App feedback system. How do Little Anne and Little Junior QCPR work?  Upgrade Little Anne All existing Little Anne manikins, manufactured after 08. February 1999, can be upgraded to Little Anne QCPR. See below to identify […]

December 06 2021

How do Little Anne and Little Junior QCPR Work?

Little Anne and Little Junior QCPR include a hardware module with a QCPR Sensor to measure compressions and ventilations. The QCPR Sensor is an integrated electronic device that registers compressions and ventilations, mounted under the Rib plate. It communicates QCPR feedback wirelessly to external devices via Bluetooth or wired via the SkillGuide (I2C). The manikin connects to […]