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First Aid Training Guide: How to Perform CPR on a Drowning Victim

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What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a crucial life-saving technique used on drowning victims, cardiac arrest, and many other emergencies. CPR is only performed when there is a sign of no heartbeat or when the breathing stops. In those types of situations, CPR could be performed by any trained individual, and if there isn’t one, then anyone present on the scene can perform chest CPR, which is 100-120 chest compressions in a minute without stopping. CPR is a crucial life skill, and it’s pretty easy to learn. One can join courses online such as CPR HLTAID001/HLTAID009, HLTAID003/11, etc.

First Aid Training Courses 

Provide CPR HLTAID001/HLTAID009(Perform CPR)

This particular course is designed to achieve the knowledge and skills required to perform CPR on an infant or a little one. The course will provide all the necessary information on how to perform CPR on an infant in case of cardiac arrest or drowning. The course HLTAID009 is a revised and updated version of HLTAID001 under the supervision of the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

What is included?

Expert training in CPR, necessary physical resources such as manikins, and certificate of completion. 

Course duration and fees

One hour of theoretical learning and online training with 2 hours of practical training and expertise. The course fee is 60$.

Delivery mode

Available in two modes –

  • Online training 
  • Offline training (In-class workshops)

Course structure

  1. How to respond in any state of emergency.
  2. Assessment of situation
  3. Principal and legalities of CPR 
  4. DRSABCD procedure


  1. Nationally Recognized VET qualification
  2. The ability to perform CPR and save lives  

HLTAID003/11: Provide First Aid

This course is specially designed to acquire knowledge and skills to conduct CPR (Artificial respiration) for people of different age groups such as adults, children, and infants in different situations, whether outdoor or workplace. The main objective of this course is to teach alternative methods to perform CPR in all kinds of situations. It focuses on saving a drowning person and successfully performing CPR on them.

HLTAID003/11 is the most appropriate for people with professional backgrounds in healthcare, fitness, teaching, and many others. This particular course requires prerequisite learning of these fundamental courses:- CPR HLTAID001/HLTAID009 (Provide CPR), CPR HLTAID003/11 (Provide first aid), and CPR HLTAID002/10 (Provide fundamental emergency life support).

  1. Course structure
  2. DRSABCD procedure
  3. Theoretical and practical demonstration
  4. Practice in simulated first aid scenario 
  5. Assessment of situation
  6. Principal and legalities of CPR 
  7. Drowning
  8. Cardiac emergencies
  9. Dressing and bandages
  10. All types of body injuries 
  11. Dislocation
  12. Fracture
  13. Treatment 
  14. Poisoning 
  15. Choking
  16. Reporting of incident

Course Duration 

HLTAID003/11 consists of both online and in-class modes of learning, including theoretical and practical sessions. The online session is scheduled to run for 3-4 hours, and meanwhile, the practical session will take one day of training.

Course fee: 109$


  1. Provide their Unique Student Identification Number (USI) to avail for the course. 
  2. Must be able to perform CPR continuously for at least 2 minutes.
  3. They must be capable of reading, interpreting instructions, and applying them accordingly with failure.   

Perks of learning this course

  1. Techniques to perform CPR
  2. Identify and respond to an emergency
  3. Provide First Aid to needed
  4. Certificate of completion

Everyone should learn the crucial skill of CPR; it is a must known skill that could be helpful anytime to save lives in several situations.