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First Aid Kits

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First Aid Kits


Basic first aid kit with all the essentials to treat those everyday injuries. Makes for a great little car/travel first aid kit. Easy to carry and lets you respond to big and little emergencies.


Our Delux First aid kits are ideal for outdoor and adventure activities. It also fits easily into backpacks.


  • Lightweight, compact & durable.
  • Roll-out compartments neatly packed with First Aid supplies.

Kit Contents

  • 1x CPR mouth break mask
  • 4x Disposable vinal gloves (M size)
  • 1x Triangular Bandages
  • 1x Emergency Rescue Blanket
  • 1x Instant cold pack
  • 1x First aid tape
  • 6x Wound dressing
  • 50x Adhesive plaster strips (19 x 76mm)
  • 40x Adhesive plaster strips (10 x 40mm)
  • 2x Knuckle fabric strips (75 x 38mm)
  • 2x Fingertip fabric strips
  • 22x Alcohol prep pads
  • 12x Safety pins
  • 3x Non-adherent pad
  • 2x Sterile eye pad
  • 4x Antiseptic wipes
  • 2x 5cm x 4.5m conforming bandage
  • 2x 7.5cm x 4.5m conforming bandage
  • 1x 10cm x 4.5m conforming bandage
  • 1x 11cm plastic tweezer
  • 20x Sterile absorbent cotton
  • 1x Scissors
  • 30x Cotton tipped applicators


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