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Why First Aid Training a Must for Teachers and School Staffs

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Children learn, play, and make friends most of the time in school. As a result, schools are another location where kids, especially the younger ones, are at risk for accidents and illnesses. Teachers and other school staff are now required to provide first aid training. Without medical personnel, teachers and other school staff can administer prompt first aid.

It involves the initial action in a difficult situation before the availability of medical help. First aid training entails providing emergency treatment and assistance to save lives by:

  • Keeping the airways open and clear.
  • Bringing back breathing or circulation.
  • Monitoring the person’s health until they recover or are transferred to the care of an ambulance, doctor, nurse, or paramedic.
  • If a person is unconscious, protect them.

Significance of First Aid training for Teachers

Most student injuries are caused by physical activity and other outdoor activities, 20% of which happen during school hours. Teachers and educators play a critical role in education and character building and ensuring the safety of the students and pupils in their care. Enrolling them in first aid training is a great and inexpensive way to enhance this role. A teacher first aid course promotes quick response, awareness, and alertness on the school campus. 

First aid training should not be limited to physical education teachers or the infirmary. The individuals play an important role in ensuring the physical well-being of students while on the field when injuries occur. Still, since accidents can happen anywhere, the teaching staff must be equipped. 

First Aid For School Staff and Teachers

A 2011 survey shows 73% of school-aged youngsters are interested in learning CPR and first aid. You can extend it to the pupils when you assure the school staff to act in an emergency. It will give students the tools to decide between life and death within and outside the school’s walls. 

Parents and other school staff can learn life-saving techniques through online first-aid courses. Since most situations do not have a warning, everyone should know how to administer first aid and perform CPR. They come up at the most inconvenient time and place, catching you off guard.

Bottom Line

First aid instruction in schools is a fantastic approach to introduce teachers to the skills they may need in an emergency. There is never a bad time to pick up these life-saving skills. So, are you on the lookout for the best first-aid instructor in town? West coast first aid recognizes the importance of what you seek. Our mission is to save lives while teaching others how to do the same through our first aid certification courses. We also offer first aid, lifeguard, and water safety experts to meet your needs.