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Participants in the Bronze Medallion course receive the training and information necessary to participate in Surf Life Saving patrol activities. This is Australia’s immediate recognition for becoming a surf lifesaver. Additionally, these workshops are excellent for getting your Saturday going! The purpose of these sessions is to familiarize you with the day-to-day operations of surf lifesaving patrols. We’ll talk about beach activities like rescues and carrying. Running, swimming, and then running again will help you pass the wet exam. We are once more here to assist you and support you as needed.

Bronze Medallion Course provides various lifesaving programs and awards through schools, pools, and community organizations. The award program contains numerous strands, each with a sequential flow, and there are rewards that people of all ages and abilities can earn over time. The Bronze Medallion course has been in operation for more than 100 years and has been participated in by many Australians. The Bronze Medallion course in Australia is regarded as the highest honor in the community for those who save lives.

Course Overview

The course is 14 hours of comprehensive training. The training does not require any pre-learning by the candidate, and all the functional materials will be provided to the participants for the course duration. The course will be conducted in Western Australia. Although there are no prerequisites for this course, a reasonable level of swimming ability is beneficial for faster learning. After the course completion, the successful participants get the Bronze Medallion Award and Resuscitation Award certifications.

The Bronze Medallion Course includes numerous delivery methods like the CPR course Broome to match the needs of schools and other organizations. It is a nationally recognized lifesaving award. This course is suitable for People who need the award for their workplace and anyone who wants to develop the level of judgment, technique, and physical ability required to carry out water rescues safely.

Bronze Medallion requirements are that the participants attending the course must be 14 years of age or will become 14 years of age in the year they apply for the course.

Requalification Course

The course duration is 4 hours, and in this course, you operate directly with our team Face to Face, which does not require any pre-learning. The location for this course can be found in the training calendar. This course is for participants previously awarded a Bronze Medallion Certificate.


  • An adequate level of physical fitness and swimming proficiency
  • Bathers, towels, and warm clothing if required.
  • You can have whatever stationery you want, including a diary, pen, marker, and highlighters.
  • Current Bronze Medallion or a comparable honor.
  • The minimum age requirement for participating in this course is 14 years or turning 14 years old in the same calendar year the participant wants to attend the course.

After completing the course, the participant gains Bronze Medallion Award and Resuscitation Award. The Bronze Medallion and Resuscitation Award will be issued ten working days after attending the course, which may also take 20 working days during summer.

The Resuscitation Award and the Bronze Medallion both have a 12-month expiration date. The candidate may still enroll in the Bronze Medallion Requalification course even if their qualifications expire. We advise taking a full course if the Qualification has been out of date for more than a year. The cost of the pool entry, equipment, and educational materials is one lump sum. Anyone who needs a Bronze Medallion for their place of employment or who wants to improve their swimming and rescue abilities should take the course.

Components of the Test

The participant has access to every component through theory and practical learning for the Bronze Medallion Swimming Test.


  • Resuscitation
  • Chain of survival
  • CPR
  • Aftercare


  • 400m Swim (practice)
  • 100m freestyle
  • 100m breaststroke
  • 100m survival backstroke
  • 100m side stroke
  • Entries/Exits
  • Rescues
  • Non-contact tow
  • Contact tows
  • Search patterns
  • Spinal rescues
  • Timed tow
  • Scenario
  • Theory paper
  • 21 multiple choice
  • 9 written questions.

Why You Should Do This Course

The Bronze Medallion WA training improves your survival abilities while equipping you with the information and abilities needed to acquire the level of discretion, proficiency, and physical fitness needed to conduct water rescues successfully.

With the knowledge and abilities you gain from this training, you can improve your survival skills while also gaining the level of judgment, technique, and physical fitness needed to perform water rescues successfully. Successful course participants will receive the Resuscitation and Bronze Medallion awards.
The community strongly values the lifesaving abilities that participants in the program acquire, and they may even increase their prospects of establishing a profession. Bronze Medallion recipients are acknowledged as having attained a minimum.

These days, this prestigious prize fosters teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and good decision-making and expands job chances in the aquatic sector. To perform aquatic programs and pool lifeguard courses, many Australian schools and aquatic facilities need staff members to possess an industry-recognized lifesaving award, such as the Bronze Medallion.

Why Choose West Coast First Aid for This Course

Our West Coast First Aid Training staff is some of Australia’s most skilled in first aid, water safety, and event safety. We contributed to efforts to improve water safety and have managed operational aspects of every important beach operation you’ve undoubtedly heard of. Our team includes paramedics, firefighters, nurses, expert lifeguards, beach supervisors, helicopter rescue personnel, and a former Bondi lifeguard.

Our professionals can guarantee your communities and the attendees at the upcoming events total life protection and accident prevention can help you host successful beach side activities. Our aquatic safety training creates a nation of rescuers who work together to keep communities drowning-free.

Boost pool lifesaving as a sport, a way to grow as a leader, and a way to learn more about our lifesaving course. You have come to the right place if you are looking for the most skilled and qualified lifeguard team in the nation. You can reach us at any time.