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CPR is one of the essential skills that everyone must know in crucial times; it can help save lives. Without CPR and defibrillation, a patient’s survival chances are reduced by 7-10% with every passing minute. As a responsible individual, you might have enrolled and learned the life-saving skills; however, knowledge may fade with time and lack of practice. 

That’s where the CPR refresher course comes in to brush up your skills and knowledge. The cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course is a training program designed to refresh the knowledge and skills of individuals who have already been certified in CPR. The CPR refresher course in Perth is essential for maintaining the ability to respond to emergencies effectively. 

CPR courses Perth refresher are short and have a more focused vision of the complete CPR certification course. They serve as a reminder and update for experienced individuals who have completed the CPR training Perth.  

Topics Covered in CPR Courses Perth

The CPR training Perth courses cover several topics to ensure individuals can respond to emergencies confidently and effectively. Here is a look at the topics covered in CPR courses in Perth

  • Recognize and respond to emergencies
  • Perform CPR procedures in alignment with the guidelines
  • Use an automated external defibrillator (AED) efficiently
  • Maintain the breathing, airway, and circulation of unconscious casualties
  • Follow all prompts of the AED
  • Communicate every detail of the individual

Why is Enrolling in the CPR Refresher Course Essential?

After completing the CPR course, you know the basics of CPR and how to save a person in an emergency. However, with time, we forget the intricacies one needs to remember to perform CPR successfully without hurting anyone. That’s what CPR Training in Perth for refresher courses deals with. Here are some reasons why this course might be required: 

The person’s ribs might break due to CPR:

Many individuals feel reluctant to perform CPR on another person. It is because they are afraid of hurting them further. This fear is invalid here as CPR may break the victim’s ribs. It is one of the common sequences, but learning the right technique might avoid breaking the ribs. 

Afraid of Giving CPR:

The CPR refresher course in Perth assists individuals in overcoming their fears and giving CPR to save a life. There are few instances where the life-saver was sued, but giving CPR in the right will help you get over any lawsuit. Moreover, no law in any state can protect you from getting sued if you were taking the correct steps to help a person in distress. 

You might catch some disease while performing CPR:

Some of you may be reluctant to perform rescue breaths on someone who needs CPR. It applies especially if they are a stranger to you. You do not know if the particular victim has any communicable diseases and there are low chances of happening that; but it might happen, that you may catch the disease while performing rescue breath. 

Here comes the unknown fact – you do not have to perform rescue breaths every time for effective CPR. You can use your hands for the hands-on method to save a person. It will also help diminish your fear of getting sick. 

Complicate the issue by performing CPR in the wrong way:

A few individuals are afraid that they will perform CPR incorrectly. So, a hands-on process and a refresher course can help you brush up on your skills and help you overcome fear, and reduce the chances of complications that can be caused due to improper CPR techniques. 

Keep Up With The Updated Guidelines:

CPR guidelines, as well as techniques, change over time. That is why indulging in the refresher course will help you learn the best practices, which is important to ensure that life-saving procedures are accurate according to the present guidelines. So, you must take a refresher course to ensure you are updated about such changes on time. 

When Should You Take a CPR Refresher Course Online in Australia?

You must take the CPR refresher course online in Australia every 12 months after initial certification. It is because your skillset may degrade over time. It often acts as a halfway point between the original certification and when you need a renewal. However, another recommendation is to take the CPR training in Perth a few months after passing the 12-month mark. 

Why Choose Us?

A CPR refresher course in Perth stands out for expert instruction and comprehensive curriculum. The best part is that the CPR refresher course online in Australia also has flexible scheduling options. Here the key features of these refresher courses:

  • Certified and Experienced Instructors
  • Hands-on Training
  • Emphasis on Overcoming Fears Related to CPR
  • Online Learning and One-day Skills Training Facilities
  • Easy and Convenient Onsite Courses
  • Training After Hours (If Needed)

Enroll in a CPR Refresher Course in Perth Today!

CPR training in Perth proves to be beneficial for candidates who have already pursued the course earlier. It helps them rewind their learnings and become more efficient in their profession. Connect with West Coast First Aid for the best CPR refresher course in Perth at affordable prices. Our experts are well-versed in advanced first-aid training and will ensure you learn everything within the stipulated time.