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One of the major developments in first aid training was the introduction of lifelike Manikins and equipment, enabling students to realistically learn mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR.

Manikins and equipment are incredibly useful when it comes to first aid training. Used to teach essential skills like CPR, they let students experience what it really feels like to perform chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth, and other life-saving techniques.

we stock a wide range of manikins and equipment. From classic QCPR manikins to artificial lungs and simulated blood, we have all of the products and accessories you need to bring your students’ first aid skills up to standard. Most of the manikins and related products in our range are manufactured by Laerdal, though we also stock some items from Brayden.

To learn more about our range of manikins, or the other products in our collection, email our sales team at kevin@wcws.com.au get in touch via our live chat or send us a message through our contact form.