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You need not become a doctor to save lives. A report suggests that every year, around 250 Australian children are killed by unintentional injuries, while 58000 are hospitalized- that could have been prevented if proper first aid had been given to them at the correct time. While every individual should possess basic first-aid knowledge, we provide a first aid courses in Broome, WA, for individuals who are enthusiastic about saving lives and helping people. The West Coast First Aid Training offers an advanced first aid course in Broome, WA, with a team comprising paramedics, health experts, and nurses who guide you through your course.

We are proud to be some of the most experienced first responders in Australia. Our trained experts are our assets and the most significant resource for our organization. We, therefore, ensure that we only have the best in our team by conducting extensive screenings before making appointments.

The first aid course in Broome, WA, by West Coast provides the candidates with the requisite knowledge and skills to perform the first aid of an individual in emergencies at home, in the workplace, or any other community setting till professional help arrives. Inculcating the first aid knowledge will assist you in helping an injured person or saving a life. It will help you possess the confidence to respond to injuries, whether at home, college or your workplace, to control the extensiveness of the problem.

Our experienced trainers make understanding first aid seamless for the learners. It comprises experts across the safety industry, including professional Lifeguards, Firefighters, Medics, Helicopter Rescue personnel, Nurses, Pharmacists, and other professionals. They make the professional development courses engaging and highly informative by presenting the theory components of the course and the practical scenarios for your comprehension. With the help of realistic scenarios and the latest equipment, they will help you learn to mitigate common illnesses or injuries so that you can help your loved ones or fellow human beings.

West Coast First Aid Training comes with all the necessary certifications and complies with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines and the COVID safety requirements. We understand the importance of the safety of the trainers and the participants, and thus we take care of all the vital measures.

Some of our notable courses include-

School first-aid                                  Advanced first-aid

Senior first-aid                                  Lifeguard

Water safety staff

Training Courses

We offer the candidates a plethora of courses to choose from, including nationally approved courses, short training, non-accredited training choices, etc. Some of the courses provided by us are mentioned below.

HLTAID011- One-Day Training

The one-day training course by West Coast First Aid is highly beneficial for people who wish to learn first aid for the workplace. It will help you acquire vital skills and knowledge to provide first aid and life support, manage emergencies such as incidents and casualties and provide essential first aid to the affected person until professional medical help arrives.

This course is accredited by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and is for students or beginners in the arena of first aid who have little or no experience with first aid. This course should be taken up by people comfortable with acquiring first aid knowledge in a mixed delivery environment. Also, with this course, the candidate can gain knowledge and real-time experience to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and adequate first aid in any situation.

HLTAID011 Two-Day Training

This course is meant for students who wish to complete an online class before jumping on to the practical session. They will need to complete an online session of the course which will last 3 to 4 hours. Only after that can they go ahead with the practical assessment the next day. This course is also compliant with the ARC guidelines.

To comply with workplace first aid regulations, every employee must have a certification in HLTAID011 Provide First Aid. With this two-day training with West coast First Aid, the candidates become capable of providing first aid response and life support to manage incidents or casualties. They obtain the skills and knowledge which help them become competent to handle emergencies until qualified emergency help arrives.

HLTAID009- Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

These resuscitation courses embody the strategies and knowledge essential to performing CPR. This can help the candidates save lives whenever needed. With this course, you will become capable of handling emergencies and managing unconscious casualties. You will be able to conduct CPR with the assistance of a defibrillator (AED) and learn the DRSABCD action plan. With the expert guidance in this West Coast First Aid training, you will become geared up to perform emergency treatment to save people’s lives.

HLTAID014- Provide Advanced First Aid

The advanced first aid treatment by West Coast First Aid will educate you on how to manage various scenarios requiring first aid help. This advanced first aid course unit covers workers with the role and responsibility to administer, coordinate and manage the first aid response and other relevant activities in complicated scenarios such as workplaces with a high risk of injuries.

HLTAID012- Provide Childcare First Aid

This course is designed specifically for educators and other staff that deal with childcare. This will help them obtain the skills evident to administer the first aid requirements of children in cases of emergencies. The candidates have to complete the course, after which they will have to complete a 2 hours test and a one-day practical exam to portray what they’ve learned. This is an essential school first aid course.

HLTAID015- Provide Advanced Resuscitation

With this resuscitation course, you can learn to use specialised equipment to perform resuscitation in simple to complex situations. It includes the use of oxygen, suction, and oropharyngeal airways. There should be a minimum of four participants for the team to go ahead with this course.

First Aid Courses

Intending to impart mandatory first-aid knowledge to all individuals, West Coast First Aid offers different types of first-aid courses. However, mastering all types of first aid courses can also become an expert. To know more about the courses and their importance, contact us today.