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6 Top Reasons Why Basic First Aid Knowledge is Important for lifeguard

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December 29 2020

6 Top Reasons Why Basic First Aid Knowledge is Important for lifeguard

Basic First Aid Knowledge Basic First aid knowledge is highly useful and rewarding. There is nothing as rewarding as knowing you could save a life during an emergency.  The demand for such skills is also high in the private and public sectors due to health and safety requirements.  People who have not taken a first […]

December 29 2020

What Qualifications Do I Need to be a First Aid Trainer?

A first aid trainer will instruct learners on how to respond to a medical emergency and provide assistance to an injured person while waiting for further professional help.  First aid training skills are in high demand due to safety standards and frameworks set aside by the Ministry of Health.  Businesses, organizations, and institutions have to […]

June 05 2020

AED Quiz

Quiz [WATU 3] Would you know how to use one if you needed to? Do you need a basic/general course on CPR & Defibrillators? Contact us

June 03 2020

Client’s Feedback

Feedback Everyone loves to read the feedback people receive just to be sure you are dealing with a person & business that can deliver the goods for your next training or PD sessions. So here are a few from our latest professional development session (PD) covering providing CPR and Provide First Aid for high school […]

April 02 2020

New Medical Equipment Products Released

New Medical Equipment Coronavirus has all of us questioning if that sniffle or runny nose is something much more sinister. And with good reason. The chart above should give you some clarity. It’s the symptoms experienced by 55,000 patients in China who tested positive for coronavirus. The most common symptom? A fever. The main difference […]

March 06 2020

Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV)

Information for Clients West Coast First Aid Training (WCFAT) takes the Corona virus (2019-nCoV) and its spreading of it very seriously. As a result, we are now providing all students, in all first aid courses with their own individual resuscitation mask & first aid kit (to keep) included in the price of the course. Your […]