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Everyone loves to read the feedback people receive just to be sure you are dealing with a person & business that can deliver the goods for your next training or PD sessions. So here are a few from our latest professional development session (PD) covering providing CPR and Provide First Aid for high school teachers.


Hi Kevin

Thanks, mate – was a great little PD. Thanks for running it, I have picked up some good context from your presentation to add to my own with the kids.

I’ll let my boss know about the upgrade cost and let you know if we will go-ahead



Hi Kevin.

Thank you for getting in touch with this information. The PD was really engaging and given the current circumstances that we find ourselves in I feel that you did a top job on both the theory and practical delivery of the course. Thanks!

Hope to attend another one of your courses one day.

Cheers, Rick.

Thanks Kevin,

The course was great and entertaining!

Thank you, Dean

Hi Kev

I was at your course on Friday. in 25 years of nursing it was one of the best I have attended thanks

Ray Oliver

I had another teacher, Rick also comments on the program and how he was impressed by your knowledge and presentation.

Thanks again.