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First Aid Tips You May Use One Day

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November 23 2021

First Aid Tips You May Use One Day

First aid is the help a person gives to an injured person before professional medical help arrives. Everyone knows that first aid training courses are as crucial as self-defense training courses, but not everyone is interested in them. Why is first aid important? In many cases, first aid has saved the lives of injured people […]

November 18 2021

First Aid Training Guide: How to Perform CPR on a Drowning Victim

What is CPR? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a crucial life-saving technique used on drowning victims, cardiac arrest, and many other emergencies. CPR is only performed when there is a sign of no heartbeat or when the breathing stops. In those types of situations, CPR could be performed by any trained individual, and if there isn’t […]