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Why Should I Take An Advanced First Aid Course?

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March 16 2024

Why Should I Take An Advanced First Aid Course?

First aid is emergency treatment provided to an injured or unwell individual until full medical care is available. While it has the potential to save lives, it is not a common ability. Only one in every twenty persons in Perth knows what to do in an advanced first-aid emergency. However, there are some advantages to […]

July 25 2023

How to Perform Advanced CPR: Know Your Life-Saving Skills

Knowing how to perform advanced cardiopulmonary resurrection, or CPR, can make all the difference in life-threatening emergencies. Enrolling in an advanced first aid course in Perth equips you with this essential skill. You can handle critical situations with confidence. This article will explore the key steps to performing advanced CPR effectively. Also, you will have […]

February 17 2023

First Aid Training For 2024: Why is It Crucial?

You all are aware of the fact that accidents can happen anytime and in any location. Therefore, being equipped with basic first-aid knowledge and expertise is extremely significant. Moreover, knowing how to deliver first aid can frequently mean the difference between life and death, particularly in emergencies.  Now some of you might wonder why not […]

January 03 2023

What Are a First Aid Officer’s Role And Responsibilities?

Over 2.2 million individuals die from accidents related to their profession yearly, or 6,000 people per day. First aiders help sick or injured individuals who require urgent medical attention. Additionally, they are a group that ensures workplaces are appropriately prepared to handle accidents and emergencies. A first aid officer’s primary responsibility is to save lives. […]

October 26 2022

Why To Enrol In An Advanced First Aid Course?

First Aid courses enrollment increased gradually between 2016 and 2019 but lowered to about 3,031,100 in 2020. 91% of these enrolments are not by any nationally recognised programme. This trend shows a higher need for trained individuals in first aid.  The Advanced First Aid course, as opposed to conventional first aid training, is for people who […]