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The journey of a lifeguard starts after much deliberation. A lifeguard needs to be observant, patient, and, most of all, make people feel comfortable. They also need to be confident enough to act quickly and swiftly. In a way, they need to emit calmness and responsibility simultaneously. For anyone who is an up-and-coming lifeguard looking for direction in their career in Broome, coming to West Coast First Aid is the start towards success.

There are a lot of skill sets to acquire before one can embark on their journey as a lifeguard. We offer a range of courses that will help aspiring individuals with their specific requirements. Our portfolio of courses includes a bronze medallion course (Broome, WA), resuscitation courses in Broome, first aid courses in Broome, professional development, and advanced first aid courses in Broome, to name a few.

Bronze Medallion Course

Our bronze medallion course in Broome, WA, is well-renowned for the quality of knowledge and skill it offers. If individual wishes to be recognized as a qualified lifesaver, the bronze medallion course in Broome, WA, is the minimum qualification one needs. It is an age-old course developed to reprise budding lifeguards of the journey ahead of them.

What Will One Be Taught In The Bronze Medallion Course Broome, WA?

  • The primary purpose of a lifeguard is to ensure those around them remain safe. Our bronze medallion course Broome, WA, is designed to help aspiring lifeguards learn that skill.
  • The students will be taught to perform a safe aquatic rescue from the beginning.
  • The course modules urge and teach students to try their best to save a life.
  • Students will receive theory and practical versions of the lessons so that they can have real-life experiences to back them up during job days.
  • Along with learning how to save a life through the bronze medallion course Broome WA, one is also expected to possess soft critical skills to land a good position with a reputable lifeguard organization. Our bronze medallion course, Broome WA, was also created to cover the soft skills component. For instance, skills like teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and how to make effective decisions are also covered in our course.

Resuscitation Courses

Our resuscitation course in Broome, WA, is the best of its kind. For those who may not know, resuscitation is popularly known through the abbreviation CPR. Some other famous terms describing resuscitation are mouth-to-mouth or the kiss of life. A fancy name for sure, but it describes the significant act of attempting to save a life.

Among the resuscitation courses in Broome, WA, ours is well-known because we provide a complete orientation through the steps involved in providing essential life support to those who run out of oxygen. Restarting a life is no cakewalk. When done correctly, the chances of reviving a life are significantly higher. Therefore, to become a professional, budding lifeguards need to sharpen their knowledge of the steps to follow when a heart stops beating.

What Will One Be Taught In Our Resuscitation Courses In Broome, WA?

  • Students will be trained on the updated knowledge and skills needed to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • The course module will take individuals through every step to ensure everyone’s safety while performing CPR.
  • The course will educate students on the steps they need to follow to check airways, deliver rescue breaths, and the process of using a defibrillator.
  • A plus point is that students will also learn how to perform basic general emergency steps.

First Aid Courses

The truth is that accidents can take place at any time. While a lifeguard needs to learn how to perform first aid, learning first aid for a commoner is just as significant. Be it minor scrapes, sprains, injuries, or life-threatening instances – be prepared for them all, thanks to our top-notch first aid courses in Broome, WA. Knowing what to administer while attempting to save a life feels like a whole new superpower. If one is prepared to equip yourself with this superpower – keep reading to learn about our first aid courses in Broome, WA.

What Will One Be Taught In Our First Aid Courses In Broome, WA?

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to administer first aid to anyone in case an unforeseeable injury or even a life-threatening situation occurs.
  • The skills and knowledge obtained through our first aid courses in Broome, WA, will make an individual capable enough to perform first aid in any workplace, community, home, or public space.
  • Students will be walked through the theory components and the practical portions to equip them with the confidence they need to perform first aid on any individual.
  • One will be guided through realistic and practical scenarios that will familiarize them with real-life situations.
  • The courses use the latest equipment to ensure our students get the best of it with our first aid courses in Broome, WA.

Professional Development Courses

Professional development comes in many shapes and forms. We have divided them based on the various pieces of training we offer under our professional development courses Broome below–

  • Become an expert in child safety: Safeguarding a child is of utmost importance. Our module in child safety will assist one in mastering just that skill against an aquatic industry background. Develop a clear understanding of what must be done, legal requirements, and best practices to follow.
  • Become a lifesaver: Learn how to engage in a safe and effective life-saving procedure. This module of our professional development courses, Broome, is perfect. Interested students will be reprised in swimming and water best practices, strategies for personal survival, and even rescuing others.
  • Culturally competent professional: In today’s age and time, to protect someone, especially in a lifeguard position, one must learn how to communicate. Effective communication stems from being culturally competent.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are well-renowned in the market for delivering superior, high-quality courses that hold one in good stead for years to become in their professional career.
  • We offer various courses – from professional development and first aid training to bronze medallion courses in Broome, WA.
  • Our courses are designed to use the latest equipment and stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements so that our students receive the most relevant education.

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