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The Critical and Important Role of Advanced First Aid

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August 08 2022

The Critical and Important Role of Advanced First Aid

Advanced first aid, as the name suggests, is a combination of advanced techniques and knowledge of the equipment required to be administered immediately in response to an incident until professionals arrive. The technique covers a broader range of cases such as major trauma, sudden cardiac arrest, management of large incidents, and treatment of emotionally distressed […]

June 16 2022

How CPR Can Save One’s Life in Emergencies?

CPR is the key to life in an emergency situation. It’s a skill that everyone should know and be able to perform. It can help keep blood flowing through your body until paramedics arrive or a defibrillator is used to restart your heart. There are two levels of CPR: basic and advanced, depending on your […]

October 22 2021

Why You Should Buy an Automated External Defibrillator for your Office

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike anybody, at any age, at any moment. Sudden cardiac arrest is a condition in which a person’s heart has stopped beating, and they are unable to breathe. While you wait for professional medical help, you can perform CPR immediately to keep the person’s brain and heart alive. Using an Automated […]

September 15 2021

What Is Advanced Resuscitation And How Does It Work?

When a person suffers from “sudden cardiac arrest,” the heart stops pumping adequately, and the person stops breathing, which prevents the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs. One explanation is that our lungs enable us to inhale the oxygen that our bodies require. Our system is capable of much more, including removing […]

April 09 2021

ResQCPR System

What is the ResQCPR System? The ResQCPR System is a CPR adjunct that consists of two synergistic devices—the ResQPOD® ITD 16 (impedance threshold device) and the ResQPUMP® ACD-CPR device. Together, they increase the likelihood of survival. A major clinical study of more than 1600 patients showed a 49% increase in one-year survival from cardiac arrest. […]

April 09 2021


The ResQPOD® impedance threshold device (ITD) is a simple, non-invasive device that delivers intrathoracic pressure regulation (IPR) therapy during basic or advanced life support CPR to improve perfusion