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Reasons Why Emergency First Aid Refresher Course Is A Good Choice

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Emergency first aid refresher course aims to update any skills related to first aid. The course is essential to enhance the individuals’ skills to handle a variety of emergencies and accidents. They provide life-saving training that is vital for any community. The course is crucial for first aid professionals to stay updated with changing techniques, tools, and equipment. 

In this course, various basic life support skills such as CPR, choking response, bleeding control, burn & fracture treatment, and many other first aid techniques and procedures are refreshed. The main objective of this course is to refresh CPR and choking response skills. 

Reasons to choose emergency first aid refresher course

There are countless reasons as to why one should choose an emergency first aid refresher course. Some people opt for refresher courses to update their skills along with updating their CV. These courses prepare people for unexpected situations. 

There are many benefits of opting for refresher courses; three of them are mentioned as under:

First aid saves lives

It is the pivot reason why one should take a first aid refresher course. One cannot deny the importance of first aid at any place. The emergency may arise anywhere and anytime, so to stay prepared for the situation and handle the situation carefully while providing medical assistance to the one in need, one must timely update those skills. 

Humans also tend to forget, he/she may forget the crucial steps to perform such life-saving techniques as CPR. Such skills need proper practice, and the second time around is always easier. These courses are designed to update those skills and to remember all forgotten skills. 

Learn the latest best practices

During the refresher course, one can learn new skill sequences and the latest best practices. One can learn new skills and new devices such as AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Many devices are used to help the patient get changed and updated medically, so knowing how to use such devices is a must. 

Experts recommend refresher training

Many medical experts and authorities recommend the emergency first aid refresher course and CPR refresher training every 1 to 2 years. Even healthcare professionals must refresh and update their medical skills & knowledge, thus ensuring they’re always prepared to do the right thing first. These refresher courses also help the individual gain confidence in the abilities and do the right thing in an emergency where immediate action is required. 


Very few people have the skills and know the correct procedures required to deal and handle people in shock properly, or poisoning, or other injuries. Many tend to forget what they have learned in prior first aid courses, and thus it becomes more dangerous if one operates on the situation with wrong knowledge or half skill. 

Handling situations requires more specialized training and knowledge. The emergencies are uncertain. Most people face these scenarios very frequently in their life, and that knowledge can fade faster unless it is regularly up-to-date. 
West Coast Water Safety offers several first aid courses, including the emergency first aid refresher course, that are very effective and adequate for anyone seeking to learn new and latest skills. They are one of the experienced first aid staff who deal with 1.5 million international visitors per year. Their courses are by far one of the best and educational courses and training.