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First aid is immediate help given to a sick or injured individual. While providing emergency help, a first aider guarantees the safety of the wounded and anyone close. When an injury is small, a first responder could be able to address it on their own. The Australian first aid training business has expanded over the years to meet the needs of industry and employers. First aid certification is now necessary for various vocations and career paths. 

First aid is the preliminary step toward recovery from an injury or an unanticipated accident. Hence the treatment is called emergency service. Though First aid seems simple, its procedure differs for every casualty and age. 

First aid courses in Perth teach us how to handle each case wisely. For instance, not every unconscious casualty needs the treatment of CPR. Some just require first aid. 

That’s why first aid training in Perth is important to guide Australians with first aid applications. Now, let’s discuss the distinct types of first aid courses described below.

Various Kinds of First Aid Training

There are infinite types of casualties, and each causality has distinct prerequisites for treatment. They are categorized based on the handling level and conducted in numerous parts. The most prevalent first-aid courses are discussed below:

First-Aid for Beginners

One of the most well-known and widely used first aid courses for individuals and groups is providing first aid. Basic first aid training is suitable for beginners who want to renew or refresh their CPR and lifesaving abilities. The following topics will be addressed in this course:

  • Patient care for awake and unconscious patients
  • Adult and child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) using the DRSABCD technique and a defibrillator (AED)
  • Trauma and shock from external bleeding
  • Asthma-related respiratory emergencies
  • Cardiac crises include heart attacks.
  • Dialling (000) for Emergency Services and many more

Many people who have gone through the basic aid course can pursue this beginner course in Perth. It is also called the First-aid refresher course in Perth.  The curriculum is six hours for a one-day course, covering the most imperative and basic parts of first aid.

For instance, acknowledging conscious and unconscious patients is crucial and directs the provider to carry out other actions.

They also help handle CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation for babies and adults carefully.  For infants, the number of times varies as compared to adults. That’s why you must carefully watch the course along with a maneuver provider.

After completing the first aid for beginners, the applicants can move towards the next course, which is the advanced aid for beginners discussed below.

Advanced First-Aid Course

Advanced first aid is for professionals who work in healthcare centers, and nurses. In the advanced first aid course, the management becomes complex with the utility of sophisticated machines. This course encompasses middle age patients, particularly those above five years and below 55 years.

This course includes a wide range of casualties, such as defibrillation AED, quick management of burns, fractures, trauma, and choking patients. They can all get well acquainted with Perth’s advanced first aid course.

Moreover, the advanced first-aid course focuses more on proper hands-on training and the development of the maneuver ability of an aider. It also keeps the tag on the complex casualties such as mental health like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and counselling.

With an advanced first aid course, people can understand the various things required for effective treatment. However, first aid for senior citizens is different and is discussed below in detail.

First-Aid for Senior Citizens

When it comes to senior citizens first aid courses, the implementation of every action is cared for with utmost vigilance.

With first aid treatment, keeping a close eye on cleanliness and hygiene comes in handy with senior citizen first aid courses due to their vulnerability to nosocomial infections. A senior citizen first aid Perth takes care of all these very efficiently and makes the course worthwhile.

First Aid HLTAID 011 One-day Course in the Workplace 

Basic Life Support (BLS) training is suggested for individuals in healthcare or the workplace. This first aid course focuses on the resuscitation, life-threatening situations, and CPR skills required in cardiac arrest and choking situations which can be completed within 5-6 hours only.

Child Care First Aid in Education 

Child care and first aid training cover subjects necessary for aiding a child in distress. It provides the same skills as a conventional first aid course but for children. The duration of this online course is for two days only. 

Advanced First Aid HLTAID014

Enrol in this advanced first aid course at West Coast First Aid Training that helps you to unveil the skills and knowledge required to perform a wide range of complex situations in workplace settings. Around 600000 individuals get an injury at their workplace in a year.

Advanced Resurrection HLTAID015

Advanced Resuscitation course involves specific equipment use of oxygen, suction, and oropharyngeal airways to provide resurrection from basic to complex situation settings. 

First Aid Training a Must for Teachers

What Would You Be Doing If You Need First Aid?

The first person to arrive at an injured person should do the following:

  • Inspect to see if the situation is safe.
  • Evaluate the issue quickly.
  • Describe and distinguish the damage or condition.
  • Call 000 for further information.
  • Provide first assistance to the sufferer.
  • Keep the victim with you until you can hand them over to a healthcare expert or emergency personnel.
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax and give yourself the courage to deal with the situation.

Bottom line

Whatever first aid course you pick, you will acquire first aid skills that might make the distinction between life and death. West Coast First Aid Training is dedicated to offering high-quality training to all Australians. Our first aid training targets industrial demands, making a meaningful difference in the Australian community.

If you want to explore and get well acquainted with first-aid courses in Perth, then you are at the right place. Visit our course section to learn more about the courses and services.