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What Are a First Aid Officer’s Role And Responsibilities?

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Over 2.2 million individuals die from accidents related to their profession yearly, or 6,000 people per day. First aiders help sick or injured individuals who require urgent medical attention. Additionally, they are a group that ensures workplaces are appropriately prepared to handle accidents and emergencies. A first aid officer’s primary responsibility is to save lives. A senior first aid course provides patients security and protection from further harm.

The fact that they are certified as first aid professionals ensures that the person in charge knows how to administer first aid. Most workplaces require certified first aid responders. A business may also want the first aider on site to adhere to particular rules. If you want to complete an advanced first aid course, here are your role and responsibilities in that position.

Roles of First Aiders

According to numerous national and international registry studies, bystander CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) can boost OHCA survival rates by 50% to 500%. A sick or injured individual must receive prompt, life-saving medical attention from an advanced first aid officer without delay. A first aid officer’s primary responsibility is to assist a sick or wounded individual until medical assistance can arrive. Various other forms of support are included in first aid, including the following.

  • From bandaging wounds to using an AED to revive a patient
  • Positioning the unconscious person in the recovery posture to maintain an airway
  • Conducting CPR or providing automated external assistance for an injured limb.
  • Caring for minor medical problems such as injuries
  • Applying pressure to control external bleeding
  • Identifying any potential workplace safety risks

Responsibilities of a First Aider 

It is essential to adhere to the actions and regulations based on the responsibilities of a first aider because you take the necessary precautions to keep everyone involved safe. Listed below are the four responsibilities of a first aider.

Timely Inspection 

An intelligent first aider will examine the situation thoroughly and quickly to gain a complete picture and knowledge of the situation. In any case, first aid training Perth helps identify the emergency’s cause, the number of affected casualties, and whether anyone is in immediate danger.

Infection Prevention

As much as you can, avoid coming into contact with the casualty afterwards. Put on disposable gloves or promptly wash your hands after contacting the casualty. Additionally, avoid sneezing or coughing while doing first aid to prevent contamination.

Analyse Casualties

If there are several casualties, you must first treat those with severe injuries or conditions if they are still alive. As accurately as possible, determine the type of problem or damage a casualty has encountered. 

Give First-Aid Care

First aid refresher course Perth allows you to give the casualty all the attention they require until the emergency medical services arrive. It can involve CPR to clear an obstruction in the airway or using an AED to treat shock and other heart-related crises.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the roles and responsibilities of the first aider, it is time to sign up for the best available course. All first aid courses from West Coast First Aid Training are committed to providing excellent training. Our most advanced first aid course Perth is designed to meet the needs of a specific industry, assisting you in becoming the most outstanding first responder you can be. Visit our website and pick the most appropriate course for you.