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What is the QCPR Compression Reflector?

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The white QCPR compression reflector placed inside the back section torso is part of the Sensor’s measurement system, used for Little Anne and Little Junior QCPR.
Without this, the QCPR App will not register compressions.

Learn more about the measurement system – How do Little Anne and Little Junior QCPR work?

What is the difference between the foam QCPR compression reflector and the plastic reflector?

Originally, Little Anne QCPR was introduced with a reflector made of foam.
When we later introduced Little Junior QCPR, we developed a new reflector made of plastic. 
Both versions serve the same purpose.

All Little Junior QCPR manikins are manufactured with a reflector made of plastic.

The plastic reflector was introduced for Little Anne QCPR on 24-06-2019. Manikins currently using the foam reflector can also use the plastic reflector.

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