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What You Need to Know About CPR Renewal

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Did you know that you need to keep your CPR certification up to date and CPR renewal regularly? Yes, you read that correctly. 

It’s probably time to renew at least the CPR part of your license if it’s been more than a year since you finished first aid or CPR training. 

What is a CPR technique?

CPR is a lifelong skill, crucial to reauthorise and upgrade your first-aid training certification to remain up-to-date with effective life-saving techniques. As per the First Aid Code of Practice, the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) initiated the effort to keep CPR performance principles and requirements as up-to-date as possible. Every 12 months, you must renew the CPR part, and the full certificate should get renewed every three years.

The Provide Cardiopulmonary Defibrillation (HLTAID001) course encompasses all areas of basic resuscitation. It equips you with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary to respond appropriately to respiration and cardiac incidents.

CPR techniques are constantly changing

Many people complain that CPR is constantly changing, and they have to come in and pay for additional classes regularly. Still, the ARC is headstrong about having the CPR skills up to date as the concepts of CPR are still evolving. However, what worked in the past may no longer work in the future.

CPR as a workplace requirement

Some Australian workplaces now require employees to know how to perform CPR. Company first-aiders should recertify their CPR skills. According to the First Aid in the Worksite Code of Practice, the regeneration of the lesson will revive the memory of the various aspects of CPR.

Being up to date on appropriate certification will increase your value in the workplace. In fact, most employers require CPR credentials as part of their employment eligibility requirements.

Final words 

CPR is undeniably effective in saving lives. Every year, CPR saves nearly 100,000 lives of people who have suffered a sudden cardiac death. Hence, it’s crucial to keep your CPR skills up to date. You never know when you’ll be witness to a life-threatening situation that necessitates immediate defibrillation. 

If you are looking for comprehensive first-aid training for your workplace, look no further than West Coast First Aid. In fact, it is one of Australia’s premier first responders that provide CPR HLTAID001 and HLTAID009 training, thereby helping you and your staff manage casualties and incidents until the expert first aiders arrive. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with West Coast First Aid now.