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Why do a First Aid Course(HLTAID011 Provide First Aid)?

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Our human bodies are subject to occasional injuries, harm , trauma and accidents. This is why first aid is such an essential skill for life. These skills are not only valuable to you but also to those around you. Sometimes an emergency incident might require quick response and the fist aid skills you learnt in school are the savior.  The problem with accidents is they happen without anticipating. Knowledge and skills of basic first aid are therefore important to save such situations. In fact you can help prevent an emergency from becoming worse.

Here are reasons why you should take a first aid course.

Quick Response to Emergency Cases

It’s important to give a medical emergency a quick response. The first few minutes after the accident are usually the most important. A first aider’s role is to keep the situation at bay and prevent it from getting worse. Temporary but immediate first aid treatment could help save someone’s life or the condition from causing more damage before medical specialists arrive.


Certified as a first aider improves your level of employability. For example, its a requirement by Australia’s legislation that employees be trained in the administration of basic first aid. Usually, a workplace first aid program ensures the workers are nationally accredited through programs such as the Provide First Aid ( HLTAD011). After successfully completing this program, the employees receive a statement of attainment or certification. This achievement usually improves their overall ability to get work opportunities and secure new jobs. Sometimes it could also be a qualification for entry into an existing position within the workplace.

Confidence  Boosting

You will have the confidence to handle a crisis or emergency if you are trained in basic first aid. You will not panic or become overwhelmed with fear when faced with a situation. Sometimes people without these skills become overcome with anxiety and fear. This results in unnecessary delays and confusion when one should have given the victims first aid.  The first aid skills also ensure you can handle a situation effectively with a lot of assurance and composure.

Saving lives

The very aim of first aid is to save lives. By learning how to respond to emergencies and accidents, you become a lifesaver.  You will find out that it’s easier for a skilled first aider to confidently and reliably be in control of a traumatic incident.

The HLTAD011 First Aid course ensures learners get the skills to make a situation secure and safe. While still responding to emergencies.  The first aid course will ensure that you can handle all types of emergencies.