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Emergency services take 4 to 9 minutes to arrive in urban areas. Those couple of minutes may seem unimportant but in an emergency, they are enough to save or lose a life. Having a first-aid-trained professional around is a godsend in such dire times. Various accredited bodies offer inexpensive and efficient Advanced First Aid courses. You can lean towards online courses to keep your schedule intact while learning a life-saving skillset. Read on to dissect the meaning of an advanced first aid course.

What does the Advanced Resuscitation course Perth cover?

As the name suggests, Advanced Resuscitation Course Perth gives you a detailed understanding of complex first aid techniques. It expands your knowledge and usage of medical equipment. You are trained to diagnose illnesses and injuries and initiate treatment until the emergency services come around.

Assessing the incident

Emergencies usually create panic, fear, and helplessness. As a trained professional, you’re in a position to take charge and improve the situation. You need to make sure that you and the people around the victims are safe. Ask for the first aid kits and notify the emergency services. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from those around you.

Bleeding control

The Advanced Resuscitation course Perth prepares you to identify heavy bleeding and trains you to stop it. Internal or external bleeding could be because of ruptured arteries, veins, or capillaries. Before you perform CPR, it is crucial to control the bleeding. The advanced course educates you on the following techniques:

  • When pressure dressing doesn’t help, medical professionals resort to tourniquets. It is a belt-like device strapped on the bleeding area. It stops extreme bleeding.
  • Hemostasis refers to your body’s natural ability to form blood clots. The Advanced first aid certification allows you to stop bleeding by injecting blood-clotting adhesives.

Clinical observations

A first-aid-certified individual knows the signs and symptoms to look for in an emergency. For instance, only a careful look at the injured can give them information about their breathing, skin colour, eye movement, and level of response. Additionally, checking the pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and glucose are part of the Advanced First Aid Course.

Administering first aid tools

From conducting a primary survey to using first aid equipment, the first aid experts learn to use different tools in the Advanced First Aid Training Perth course. Respiratory therapy including positive ventilation (replacing natural air with filtered, high-quality air), airway adjuncts (a pair of oral and nasopharyngeal airways used to clear upper airway blockage), and suction and postural drainage (uses gravity to eliminate mucus secretions).

Pain-relief medical gas

The patient’s current pain level is taken into account in this step. Internal pain is difficult to notice as compared to visible injuries and illnesses. This is why the Advanced First Aid Course Perth focuses on providing oxygen, nitrous oxide, and other subjective pain models. It facilitates fast pain relief and offers external breathing assistance to patients.

Relocating the casualties

Your job doesn’t end right after the emergency services arrive. It is part of your responsibility that the injured individuals are transported comfortably. Medical professionals are well-versed in using transportation tools as and when needed. The Advanced First Aid Course teaches you how to use splints, pelvic binders, cervical spine collars, and stretchers. 

Top 5 Perks of Advanced First Aid Training Perth

If you’re ready to play a more important role in your community, learning first aid to the core is a smart move. It is great to boost your self-esteem and directly improves the quality of your life. With responsibilities come the following benefits:

  • Expert in emergencies: Your main goal is to keep the person alive until emergency help arrives. The Advanced Resuscitation Course Perth enables you to know the right position to lay an unconscious person to open their airways, CPR, and more. Doing so adapts you to saving lives and navigating through emergencies effectively.

  • Increasing personal safety: Situations can go South without warning. A car accident, drowning, and a fire are all plausible scenarios. When you train to become a first aid expert, you’re not only giving your loved ones a chance at surviving but also yourself.

  • Leading team member: Workspaces want to keep those employees around which brings more to the table than only the standard requirements. Enrolling in the Advanced First Aid Training Perth makes you a valuable team player.

Be the Lifeline: Enroll in Advanced First Aid Today

First aid bridges the gap between an emergency and the arrival of medical help. It falls on the shoulders of those around to take care of the injured until then. The Advanced Resuscitation Course Perth upgrades your medical skills and puts you in a better position to offer treatment. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to notice signs quicker and tend to the injured from a medically qualified standpoint. Contact West Coast First Aid to enroll today!