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How Long Does A First Aid Certificate Last?

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First aid is one of the first things you reach out for in an emergency. You may have seen your colleagues or family members spring to action in these situations. This spontaneous response comes from earning a first-aid certificate. Once you attend First aid training in Perth, it is important to remember when the certificate requires renewal and why.

Constant research in the medical field demands regular updates in courses, training, and treatment. Medical professionals update First aid training in Perth from time to time. Only 5% of Australians have first aid training, so add to the number to save more lives with your wit.

The Three Main Types of First Aid Trainings

There are three distinct types of first aid training available. Each of these covers various crucial aspects of first aid. You can view them as steps to becoming the best first aider in your office. West Coast First Aid Training offers the following courses:


This first aid course in Perth is split into two parts: online sessions and a practice in-class evaluation. It is a two-day course, the first of which will be spent reviewing three to four-hour recorded sessions. This training program is the most basic first aid training you need to practice in a workplace. 


The Advanced First Aid Course in Perth trains you to perform resuscitation in a workplace. It covers techniques like suction, oxygen utilization, and oropharyngeal airways.


The First Aid Provider One-Day course is also known as the first aid refresher course in Perth. By the end of this course, you will be adept at dealing with casualties, severe first aid, and life support.

Online CPR Refresher Course Perth, Australia

Expiration and Renewal

If you have built a career as a medical professional and work in a corporate company, your employer may set first aid training in Perth as a rigid requirement. In this case, your certificate seeks renewal upon expiry. Any neglect of this can cost you legal consequences. Updating your knowledge and techniques to practice as a first aid professional is non-negotiable.

The Government of Australia lays the code for first aid in the workplace. It specifies the number of workplace first-aid kits and professionals required. Some offices go above and beyond in hosting training sessions for their employees.

Like most domains, medical treatments and practices evolve. You need to renew your first aid certificate every three years. After that, you must choose a refresher course to renew your certificate. Doing so lets you tune in with the latest information without starting from scratch. 

How Long Does A First Aid Certificate Last?

The most common workplace injuries involve falls, fires, explosions, accidents, and overexertion activities. Failing to meet these unfortunate events with the appropriate care can put a life at stake and cause legal ramifications. The paramedics arrive after a while, so the primary care is what’s available then and there. 

The longest you can go without renewing your first aid certificate is three years. If you forgo this, you will lose the title of a professional first aider. In most cases, the answer is only a year. Annual renewing will help you hone your first aid skills and respond to life-or-death situations. 

How to renew your first aid training in Perth?

Owing to the pool of online applications, you can seamlessly renew your first aid course in Perth. All you need to do is apply for a refresher course in your location. Generally, it contains a one-day evaluation and training. Take a day out of your busy schedule and align your skills with the current times. Here is what the first aid refresher course in Perth covers:

  • Newborn, child, and adult resuscitation practices
  • Artificial respiration techniques and airway management information
  • Using an adrenaline auto-injector to tend to anaphylaxis
  • Bringing bleeding under control with bandaging tactics
  • Immobilization procedures related to brain and spinal injury
  • Identifying and treating stroke, seizures, and diabetic symptoms
  • It covers a comprehensive course on what an automated external defibrillator is and how to use it
  • Treating an unconscious person

Your Go-To Real Estate Agency

At West Coast First Aid Training, you can leverage various training options to be a professional first aider. Overwhelming situations like accidents, episodes, and injuries become simpler to handle. You will be able to pick out symptoms and take immediate action. Naturally, your first aid certificate needs to be up-to-date. We are here to do just that.

Using our first aid refresher course in Perth, you can be responsive in high-pressure situations like cardiac arrest, burns, allergic episodes, and more. Our HLTAID015 Advanced First Aid Course is the go-to choice for thousands of individuals in Perth. At affordable rates, have us by your side to renew your certificate today.