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Little Anne QCPR 4-pack SKU 124-01050

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Little Anne QCPR 4-pack SKU 124-01050


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Little Anne QCPR 4-pack


  • 4 manikins
  • 4 additional manikin faces
  • 4 additional airways
  • 24 manikin wipes
  • 4 Jackets for manikins
  • 4 training mats
  • Soft carrying case
  • 8 AA Batteries
  • 4 O-Rings

Little Anne QCPR allows an instructor to monitor up to six learners at the same time (using our QCPR Training app) or up to 42 learners (with QCPR Classroom) from the palm of their hand. The Little Anne QCPR Training and QCPR Classroom Apps provide an easy to view performance summary that highlight which students may require further guidance.

At a glance you can pick up who is not compressing deeply enough, who is not compressing at the correct rate and who is overventilating.


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