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What Is An Advanced First Aid or Advanced Resuscitation Course?

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Advanced first aid is designed to train personnel on how to respond to first aid emergencies with practical training for advanced patient care using oxygen equipment and an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). There are many first aid courses developed that meet different needs. 

Providing effective, life-saving first aid interventions require skills and practical training with proper instructions on how to handle the situation. Advanced first aid course includes training on the complex equipment used to aid the injured. 

Advanced Resuscitation Perth course provides the knowledge on how to provide CPR and oxygen during emergencies. This course helps in developing the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to provide an effective emergency response using specialized equipment for those in need of resuscitation. 

The course also helps people learn how to monitor and hand over the casualty to medical professionals for further care. It also helps in learning how to maintain resuscitation and oxygen equipment.

More complex instruments

Unlike general first aid courses where the basic knowledge and general equipment come into practice, the Advanced Resuscitation Perth course has more complex equipment training. In this course, additional pieces of instruments are introduced. Advanced courses teach the usage of more sophisticated techniques and tools. The course may also involve introducing first aiders to tools such as bag valve masks. Knowing the complex tools and devices and knowing how to operate these tools could mean the difference between life and death.

When help isn’t immediately available

Advanced first aid or Advanced Resuscitation Perth courses are often sought by workplaces or organizations working in remote areas where hospitals’ emergency medical assistance may take significant time to arrive. Advanced first aiders may also coordinate and manage the response to the incident until medical professionals arrive. 

What else does the course have?

The course may also cover a broader range of cases, for example, major trauma, sudden cardiac arrest, treatment of drug-affected casualties, management of large incidents or accidents, and many more. 

The course may also put a greater theoretical focus on human anatomy to let the students know just what they do and why they do it.

An advanced first aid kit contains all the essential equipment for providing aid to the patient who is in immediate need of medical attention from a wide array of medical problems.

However, most of the time, the people trained in advanced first aid will have access to an equipment kit but not every time instruments are available during emergencies. 

Advanced first aid training also involves ways to treat patients when no equipment is available at the site by using the surrounding resources and people. 


Advanced Resuscitation Perth course or advanced first aid course is a combination of training, technique, and equipment knowledge required to administer immediate care for a patient. Advanced first aid requires a high level of training and the use of more specialized and complex equipment. The course requires proper training, such as provided by West Coast Water Safety. The course covers all the necessary approaches to treating any number of patients who need immediate medical attention.