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Mylan EpiPen Training Pen

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Mylan EpiPen Training Pen


Epi-Trainer Device for first aid training courses and simulation use only. Ideal when used 1 per 2 students to help cross train and check for correct technique. Reusable, no maintenance, easy to use.


If you need to be prepared to respond to an allergic emergency (anaphylaxis) then this is the training/practice tool for you.

  • Ideal for first aid instructors or individuals who want to practice the injection technique so that they are ready for the real thing.
  • Pressure-sensitive orange tip
  • Realistic design, with a cap and clicking mechanism that mimics the use of an real EpiPen®
  • Safely and realistically allows students to practice EpiPen® administration without the associated risks
  • Commonly used in first aid training world wide
  • Reusable and affordable
  • Includes trainer and instructions (printed on trainer)
The EpiPen® Trainer has the same mechanism used in the real EpiPen®, but does not contain medication or the needle.


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