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Pocket Resuscitation Mask (CPR)

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Pocket Resuscitation Mask (CPR)


This Resuscitation Mask is the ideal Device for every occasion where safe Resuscitation is required preventing mouth contact. Pocket Resuscitation Mask (CPR) is used to aid resuscitation. Put your CPR skills to use with this handy device. Important:  These are for Training purpose only



  • Bacterial air filter
  • Leakage free air cushion mask
  • Silicone duck bill one way valve
  • Single use material
  • Oxygen port
  • Detachable mouthpiece – mask can then be connected to other resuscitation devices
  • Mask shell folds for compact storage
  • Complete with compact carry case, pair of gloves and disinfectant wipes.


Dimensions (mm) 132 x 107 x 46
Weight (grams) 100
Connections 15 mm OD
Inspiratory Resistance 4.5 cm h3O
Expiratory Resistance 3.5 cm h3O
Material PVC – Single patient use
Dead Space 125 mL
Oxygen Concentration 40-80% (depending on flow and ventilation cycles)
Operating Temperature – 18 to 50ºC

Kit Includes:

Mask with Oxygen Port, One Way Valve, Filter and Flex Mouthpiece.


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